How Digital Marketing Strategies Have Changed Over the Years

How Digital Marketing Strategies Have Changed Over the Years

Before the rise of the Internet, marketing experts became increasingly aware of how important it was to build a relationship with customers instead of only aiming for a one-time transaction.

In the 1990s, the Internet presented businesses and entrepreneurs with limitless possibilities to pursue customers across the world. During this time, intelligent marketing strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) made it possible for credible businesses to achieve a higher ranking on a Google search engine.

Digital marketing strategies would revolutionize the whole idea of doing business. Customer relationship management (CRM) online made it possible for businesses to track the “lifecycle” of their customers. It allowed businesses to convert their potential customers.

Entrepreneurs started developing campaigns - How Digital Marketing Strategies Have Changed Over the Years

Entrepreneurs started developing campaigns to enhance the credibility and reputation of their brand online. The cost-effective way these digital marketing campaigns could be executed would lead to the exponential growth of the business being conducted online.

When social media networks like YouTube and Facebook made an appearance in the online space, entrepreneurs slowly got used to the idea of exploiting these channels to promote a product or service. The upside of this is that customers have instant access to services and information like they never did before.

The downside is that privacy concerns have become a greater cause for concern as businesses start to sell personal customer information under the table. Customer information became a more valuable commodity as the years went by as this would enable other businesses to advertise to relevant customers using their personal details.

These privacy concerns became more apparent in recent years, and legislation now allows customers to filter or block unwanted advertising. Online users can also compare and shop around in more ways than ever before.

These trends reinforce the need for digital marketing strategies to cater to the needs and desires of customers. There is also a stronger emphasis than ever before on building relationships of trust with customers.